And, why not trying?

Hidden at the very top of the Old city, restaurant “Park prinčeva”, has been always the place of gathering for poets, bohemians, travelers and all the people who enshrine Sarajevo.

Opened in summer 2001, it has got more than 50 employees and as such it achieves to maintain its prestige with local, as well as, with foreign guests.
In its enclosed area it disposes of 200, and in its natural ambient of summer garden with 450 seats. Seventy parking places are available for the guests.

Interior of the restaurant, carefully designed, as well as the natural surrounding of the very summer garden, can hardly leave you indifferent, and it can certainly respond to the most fastidious tastes and wishes of the respected guests.

While sitting on the terrace of the restaurant, if you try for the moment you could actually feel like prince or princess. All this saturates great compliance of staff, musicians and spell in observing panorama of the City located on the river Miljacka.

And, what can you see?

The city where the cultures of East and West left prominent marks and because it is possible, without even reading a literature, you could read the history of the city by observing numerous historical heritage of Sarajevo.
This is the reason why the stay in “Park prinčeva” leaves special impression on the guests about the city, about Bosnia, about what Europe used to be, about the history.

When you finally leave this beautiful place with sigh, it is possible that really, really silently in the distance you hear verses of our respected poet Sejfudin Tanović:

...and when I am not in Sarajevo
 I dream of Sarajevo,
 and when I am in Sarajevo
 I dream of Sarajevo…


Iza Hrida br. 7, Sarajevo,
Tel: ++ 387 61 222 708;
Fax: ++ 387 33 532 403;
Reservations every day by phone

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